Phone Consultations

Our clinic offers phone consultations! If you are unable to bring your precious pet into our clinic for any reason, we are happy to discuss your concerns on the phone! We have assisted those unable to travel, pets who don’t do well in public, and pets from across the country with our phone consultations! 

We will send you a history form to fill out and request any/all records and information you have that will help us assess your pet’s unique situation! We will take the time to review all of your information and give you valuable advice and guidance to further your pet’s health, address any concerns, and increase their quality of life and general well-being! 

We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have in regards to your pet, whether it is diet and nutritional guidance, recovering from an injury, managing long term care, or just discussing how to give your pet a better life! 

Our phone consultations are by appointment only; please reach out to our office to schedule your next step to your pet’s best life today!

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