Chinese herbs have been used in practice for thousands of years. The benefits of Chinese Herbs can be seen in humans and animals alike! There are many conditions in which Chinese Herbs are effective, including musculoskeletal (pain, trauma, degenerative diseases, arthritis), acute (UTIs, URIs, bacterial and viral infections), and chronic concerns (GI disfunction, renal, liver, or heart failure, allergies, cancers and tumors). 

We used specialized formulas to target the root of your concern for your pet using observations from the physical examination and the symptoms you describe. The point of using Herbal Medications is to bring the body back into harmony by using concentrated amounts of herbal formulas that have been created to balance the body without using any chemicals or artificial substances. Herbs come in several mediums but are most commonly used orally or topically. We offer herbs in capsules, powder, tea pills, and salves depending on the specific formulation and reason for use. 

Dr. Cichra studied and graduated from the Chi Institute of Chinese Veterinary Medicine. There she learned what each herbal formulation does for the body and how to determine the best fit for your pet! We always recommend starting out slow and working your way up to the full dose.  For picky eaters, we recommend opening the capsules or pouring the powder and mixing it in with their food or a yummy snack! Most herbal treatments are used for a minimum of 6 months and consistency is key! Herbal medication is an amazing way to naturally benefit your pet’s health and the benefits are wonderful. Dr. Cichra often describes giving patients herbs as a mini acupuncture treatment at home every day!

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