Digital Thermal Imaging

We are proud to say that we use a digital thermal imaging camera to help us capture the energy flow throughout the pet’s body. We utilize our top of the line

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Digatherm at the beginning of every new patient exam as well as yearly at your pet’s annual exam. We are also able to take specialized images of select areas that Dr. Cichra would like to examine further. Our Digatherm is able to pick up temperature differences to the one-one thousandth degree. We primarily capture a set of 6 images starting with the face, then each side of the body, the chest, the hind end, and an aerial view of the back. We use these images to monitor symmetry in the pet’s body. We are looking for any signs of hypothermia (lack of heat) and hyperthermia (excess of heat). If an area of the pet’s body is asymmetrically warm, this can indicate that there is inflammation while if it is asymmetrically cool then that can indicate that there is a neurological concern. Thermal imaging has been used to assist in complicated cases a lot in the past few years, and although this technology is new, its benefits are already making waves in the veterinary and medical fields. 

Our technicians will ask you to refrain from touching your furry friend for about 5-10 minutes while their body temperature adjusts to the environment. This allows us to capture your pet’s true temperature rather than the warmth or cold from the outdoor environment or our hands touching and petting them. All of the images are taken from the same distance, in precise focus by one of our trained technicians. The images are then added to a report that is reviewed and commented on by Dr. Cichra and used to assist with treatments and create a health baseline for your healthy pets.

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