Chiropractic manipulation has been used in humans for thousands of years and we’re able to use unique adjustments to give all of the same benefits humans get in your furry friends. 

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When you go to the human chiropractor you often hear large pops and cracks, this is because there are air pockets in between our joints that make an audible noise when they are released. Animals are much smaller than we are and therefore their air pockets are a lot smaller than ours as well; this is why when your pet gets adjusted you won’t hear any pops or cracks. Animal chiropractic is very gentle and uses subtle movements to realign the pet’s spine and body. Chiropractic manipulation focuses on functional neurology, which means that we target adjustments that realign the nervous system. The nervous system is in charge of the entire body, and when nerves are out off place, not firing, or misfiring, we use chiropractic manipulations to correct the body to its natural state of homeostasis. We might recommend having regular adjustments. For all pets, it has been proven to be extremely helpful for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases like arthritis dysplasia dislocation, and more. We have also seen it be extremely helpful in patients who suffer from hearing loss and seizures, and more.  We recommend starting your pet on a regular adjustment schedule from when they are young. It is important for their growing bodies to be growing correctly, and getting them regularly adjusted will help their bones and joints grow strong and supported! Dr. Cichra has studied and received her certification in veterinary spinal manipulation, or animal chiropractic, at The Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Wisconsin. This is the only nationally accredited institution providing programs in integrative veterinary chiropractic.

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